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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Some Sunday Soul Stirrers

The Sam Cook Era

As you may be aware George formerly of Jim McLean's Rabbit is now far too busy lounging about the beach to bother posting.
His Gospel Sunday series is sadly missed so for those of you in withdrawal here are two songs from a Soul Stirrers Compilation - This is My Prayer 1946 -1954 that I recently picked up in Oxfam on Glasgow's Byres Road
You will not be surprised to note that each of the 20 songs is of a very high standard
Amazingly The Soul Stirrers in various incarnations have been on the go since 1926 and are still going strong.
The two songs today will feature probably their most famous lead singers.
The version of I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord was recorded in Chicago in 1947 and has R.H. Harris doing the lead vocal honours.
RH is followed by the most famous Soul Stirrer of them all a very young Sam Cooke with Peace in the Valley recorded in Los Angeles in March 1951.
Terrific stuff
More soul related stuff next Sunday

The Soul Stirrers -I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord

The Soul Stirrers - Peace in the Valley


  1. Absolute quality. You're on a roll at the moment, The Band, Neal Casal, Soul Stirrers, top tracks.

    1. Setting me up for a fall there Youth

    2. I can see some C**sh or ********n coming along to spoil things!!!!!!!!