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Monday, 3 August 2015

Sunday Music on Monday

This mini -series was originally going to replace Some Soul Sunday but I have decided to persevere meantime.
So some songs referencing Sunday on a Monday.
You will not be surprised to note that I'm starting with two slices of Americana
Tift Merritt from her 2002 album Bramble Rose advises us that Sunday is nobody's business.
Meanwhile chief Jayhawk the Professor of Music himself Gary Louris bemoans the fact that She Only Calls Me on Sundays from his 2008 solo album Vagabonds.

Not only is Box not wiping bandwidth used at the end of the the month it is also no longer telling you how much bandwidth you have left so  I have decided to give  Zippy Share a go.

Tift Merritt - Sunday

Gary Louris - She Only Calls Me on Sundays


  1. Will this short mini-series extend to a third week after you post Morissey (every day is like..) and The Monkees (Ppleasant Valley..) next week?

  2. Will get two or three weeks out of it I suspect
    Have posted the Monkees before and I have no records by The Smiths but have one or two others up my sleeve plus one tenuous link. Bey you're missing all this!