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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

I featured Uncut's After Midnight from August 2014 when it first came out by posting Rabbit by Amy LaVere.
As these things go it is a  pretty good compilation with well over half a dozen of the songs worth an airing.
So here it is again with three of the others featured.
As you would expect we have a bit of Americana starting with Sam Doores from Hurray for the Riff Raff. Here he is on a solo mission with Drifters Wife a JJ Cale song which features on his True to my Luck - The Early Years album.
Then we have William Clark Green from Flint in Texas with a song from his 2013 Blue Rose album  Rose Queen.
We conclude with the pictured artist Polly Perry lead singer of the Winchester band Polly & the Billets Doux who release their music independently via Genepool/Universal this song coming from their album Money Tree.

More random nonsense next Saturday

Sam Doores - Drifters Wife

William Clark Green - Dead or in Jail

Polly & the Billets Doux - Calico Blankets


  1. Liked the Polly and the Billets Douz track, a lot. But listening to the William Clark Green song it was just a bit too samey of others, not bad but not that remarkable.

  2. I recommend seeing Polly and The Billets Doux if you get the chance, if only for the diversion of watching the not very tall Polly play double bass bare-footed and standing on one leg!


    1. Sounds like fun. I'll bear that in mind. Thanks