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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Separate Limousines

A work colleague recently paid 90 quid for a ticket to see Fleetwood Mac at the Hyrdro in Glasgow.90 quid!!More money than sense.
Still I'm sure that he enjoyed himself.
He would have enjoyed himself far more however had it been the original Fleetwood Mac featuring the mighty Peter Green on guitar playing some splendid Blues as opposed to the tosh they come up with these days.
Re the current incarnation I am reminded of a line from a Loudon Wainwright III song about the members of Fleetwood Mac attending a reunion concert in separate limousines. Something sadly I suspect was true

Fleetwood Mac - Rattle Snake Shake

Fleetwood Mac - Black Magic Woman

Many of you will be aware that George from Jim McLean's Rabbit has decided to hang up his boots so please pop over to his place to say your goodbyes


  1. Rattlesnake shake is a fine tune, a bit more rocky than the more straightforward blues of the previous albums. I played a couple of songs from Then Play On (from which Rattlesnake comes) but got a bit fed up. It somehow reminded me of Cream, not in itself aways a bad thing, but I won;t be investigating further

  2. You could get a ticket for their Rumours tour date in Glasgow back in the day for under three quid. Ninety pounds to see a band? No thanks.


  3. Those early Fleetwood Mac tunes are vintage stuff. Indeed, even after PG left they did a few good things. Separate limos? I'm *certain* it's true.

  4. I take the point 'George' makes about Then Play On being less than a total blues fest album but when I first heard it (circa 1971) I fell in love with it and hold it dear to my heart still. In fact, it's the slower non-blues tracks that I Iove: Closing My Eyes, When You Say. I cherish the album as a whole though. As an irrelevant aside, my son's girlfriend told me how much of a fan she was of Fleetwood Mac but it emerged that she hadn't a clue of them being extant before Rumours. Even allowing for all the generational stuff, how sad is it that?