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Monday 20 July 2015

Vagabond Ways

How about a wee bit of Marianne Faithfull to ease you into the working week? Yup, thought so
Vagabond Ways from 1999 is produced by Mark Howard with a little bit of Daniel Lanois thrown in for good measure and also features Pink Floyd's Roger Walters
Whereas I'm sure that the title track is not autobiographical in does capture some of the bohemianism, decadence and hedonism for which Marianne is renowned.
For me the pick of the album is probably her interpretation of Leonard Cohen's Tower of Song which would even make old Laughing Len crack a smile.

For some reason Box has decided to re- christen the title track as Vegebond Ways

Marianne Faithfull - Vagabond Ways

Marianne Faithfull - Tower of Song


  1. At least you have a working boxnet account. I have 3 that don't work properly now.
    Swiss Adam

    1. As I mentioned to SA off line I'm now on 4 or 5 -it's getting a bit silly

  2. Always ready for some Marianne Faithfull, but I don't know if I've ever been eased into anything with her music - and that's its beauty. There are so very many people who attempt and can sing a Leonard Cohen song, but there are very few that really find the passion deep within Leonard Cohen's work like Marianne.