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Wednesday 1 July 2015

A Girl Called Quinn

I briefly popped into my local charity shop on Saturday.
There were meagre pickings but I stumbled across a CD called Inbetween Worlds by Quinn from 2001.
Further investigation revealed that Quinn is Louise Quinn and I had a hunch (which proved correct) that she subsequently became part of Glasgow's A Band Called Quinn.

This was enough to make me part with my 49p  even generously donating my 1p change.
Turns out it is very pleasant lite electronica in a Goldfrapp stylee.
It is however early in her career and I suspect that her later stuff is a bit more polished. But hey there is nothing wrong with it at all and I am putting it down as a find

Quinn -Dreams I Had

Quinn - Autumn


  1. I'd definitely class this as a find. Particularly enjoyed 'Dreams I Had' - a bit Dubstaresque? Nice one.

  2. Think you got yourself a bargain there CC, some lovely chilled sounds for a lovely Glasgow day.

  3. Great to hear you never hing around for your change!

  4. Yes definitely a find and a bargain and the extra penny was worth it ;-)
    I agree with TS about Dubstaresque, also the melodies sound a bit early Zero 7... And perfect for a Summer evening.