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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Summer Chill

Protection by Massive Attack is a fairly recent addition to the CCM shelves and is full of cool,sexy stuff which is just the thing for a sultry summer evening.
Of course given that this is one that I've prepared earlier it will probably  be chucking it down by the time you come to play and read this.
On this their second album released in 1994 following on from Blue Lines - 3d, Daddy G and Tricky are joined on this first  reggae tinged song by one of their regular collaborators the mighty Horace Andy.
On the second track the great Tracy Thorn makes a guest appearance.

Chill out and enjoy

Massive Attack - Spying Glass

Massive Attack - Better Things


  1. A summer evening with a glass of wine or first thing in the morning with a mug of coffee, these tunes are perfect for all occasions.

  2. I just about completely missed the Massive Attack phenomenon. I only know them because of Tracey Thorn... which probably sounds ridiculous.

  3. Perfect, come rain or shine!

  4. Great album, if you don't already have it invest in the companion piece, No Protection where the Mad Professor dubs it up to the max. Radiation Ruling The Nation being particularly brilliant.

  5. Top pair of tunes. And Drew's right about No Protection

    Swiss Adam

  6. Sophomore albums can be the destruction of a band that has to follow up a critical and sales success. Massive Attack had now trouble putting that expectation of failure to rest and let loose a brilliant album. The title track is an amazing work of laidback, languid pop that shines all the more for Tracey Thorn's guest vocals. And Mad Professor's No Protection dub excursion is a great companion to the album.

  7. Like Brian I was pretty late to the Massive Attack party.Looks like No Protection requires to be checked out

  8. All is sad by the pals before and go on and check No Protection; it's excellent

  9. For months after Protection came out it was never off the decks when I was working in record stores. As C says, perfect come rain or shine...