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Friday, 24 July 2015


Kate Bush is an artist who divides opinion. There are those who think that she is the absolute bees knees (Robster take a bow) and those who find her voice annoying.
Me, I am somewhere in the middle.
I think that she has recorded some fine songs, the two below being particularly good examples
I also admire the fact that she is prepared to take risks and to try new things rather than churn out the same old same old.
She is also somewhat reclusive and doesn't play the media's game or dance to their tune. Somewhat strangely this has not worked against her and she rarely gets bad press as the hype in  the run up to her 22 night residency in the Hammersmith Apollo in 2014 which sold out in 15 minutes demonstrated.

Obviously very hard to dislike.

Kate Bush - Army Dreamers

Kate Bush - Babooshka


  1. Impossible to dislike. Bush-haters of the world, may you wallow in a pit of your own excrement while The Dreaming loops for eternity.

  2. Never did anything for me, I am digging a pit directly after I finish typing this

  3. From the dreaming onwards pure genius

  4. Drew, make room, I've got my shovel.

  5. As I said she divides opinion!

  6. FORW has it right, after The Dreaming, I was hooked. Hey I even enjoy Rubberband Girl.

  7. This string is fascinating. Divided right down the middle! I'm probably like CC with a slight lean the way of Echorich, FORW and the Robster. One thing the residency did was get bloggers debating her merits again, and it made me investigate beyond the The Whole Story and Hounds of Love. I had missed out on quite a lot, including the Dreaming.