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Monday 27 July 2015

Song Circle 2002

Sometime during 2002 I attended a concert at King Tuts billed as Song Circle 2002
It was essentially three Americana luminaries performing acoustic versions of some of their greatest songs
The three men in question were
Robert Fisher of Willard Grant Conspiracy
Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate and The Miracle 3 fame and
Walter Salas -Humara the main man from The Silos.
There was a limited edition of 1000 CDs to accompany the tour - mine is number 332
Deanna Varagona also features on the album but as she did not appear to King Tuts (and as her songs are the weakest on the album) she is not featuring today.

Robert Fisher - Notes From The Waiting Room

Steve Wynn - Merrittville

Walter Salas-Humara - Susan Across The Ocean


  1. This is weird. I'm now into the various artist compilation stage of the mass CD sort through that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and just yesterday evening I filed my copy of 'Song Circle 2002' (number 57) into the strict alphabetical order I'm trying to re-establish. I didn't catch this particular tour, though I have seen all three of your featured artists in concert, in the cases of Steve and Walter on a number of occasions. I picked up my copy from a second-hand CD store in New York in 2003 and have never seen another, until today.

  2. Spooky - now all we have to do is track down the other 998!