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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Deena and Deanna

About a year ago George posted a song by Deena from her album Rock River which I think had turned up in his in-box.
On the strength of that track I went out and purchased the album debunking the myth that blogging is killing music.
I'm happy to report that it is pretty damn good.
Dena is Deena Shoshkes from Hoboken, New Jersey who is/was the frontwoman of a band called The Cucumbers.
The art work above is by Lila Shoshkes who I am guessing may be a relative.
As it is relatively new (2014) you should go out and buy it and I am therefore only posting one track.

Not to be confused with Deanna from Nick Cave's Tender Prey album who is a different person altogether.

Deena - My Own Advice

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Deanna


  1. It remains an enjoyable album does Rock River. No picture or song from Deanna Durbin, the actress of the 1930s and 40s?

    1. Did Deanna Durbin not play for Aston Villa?