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Saturday 1 November 2014

Saturday Lucky Dip

Uncut's freebie album from July 2002 is entitled Neat Neat Neat in recognition of the issuing of Smash It Up -The Damned Anthology.
It would therefore be somewhat churlish if we were not to play what is perhaps the finest 2 minutes 44 seconds in the careers of  Messrs Vanian, Sensible, James and Scabies
Their second single from 18th February 1977 produced by Sir Nick Lowe
This one is for Dirk

Ah when music was music.
The Yeah Yeah Yeah's featuring the fantastic Karen O keep up the high tempo with Miles Away from their eponymous 2002 EP.

To relax you somewhat after all that frenetic activity I give you Australia's finest The Go- Betweens with Draining the Pool for You from their Spring Hill Fair album

Fantastic stuff.


  1. That's a list.

    Miles Away is a ball breaker.

  2. It is fantastic stuff, I'm very impressed. As you know, Spring Hill Fair is quite possibly Almost One Of The Ten Best Albums Of All Time.

  3. Aaah, neat indeed, and thanks for the dedication: hope you've enjoyed your mix!

  4. Tip of the cap to you and Dirk today. Fine Fine Fine music.