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Friday, 31 October 2014

Some Bonnie Music

Last Friday night I was in the music room listening to Rickie Ross presenting the excellent Another Country on BBC Radio Scotland. Mrs CC was watching TV in the other room.
When a particular song finished I heard a shout from next door "Who was that singing? It's very good"
"That was Bonnie Prince Billy" I replied. "I've got a couple of his albums"
"Well you never play them" came the retort.
And do you know what she was right (indeed Mrs CC, like most women, is right even when she's wrong)

So time to rectify that anomaly.Here is the bearded wonder with a couple of tracks from his excellent 2001 album on Domino records Ease Down The Road proving that less is often more.

Bonnie Prince Billy - Careless Love

Bonnie Prince Billy - At Break of Day


  1. I love a bit of Will Oldham so's I do

  2. A bunch of piled in the car one Saturday afternoon and drove to Baton Rouge to see him. It was behind I See A Darkness. We drove down there, found the place, sat through three local opening acts...only to have the lights cut on halfway through Oldham set. The cops had to come in and settle the place down.

    Mrs. Bartlam stole the set list but, got chased down by the bass player (I can't remember his name...but I think he played with the Silver Jews too) who snatched it back.

    As usual it was daylight when we got home...and the day was wasted.