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Monday 20 October 2014

The Greenhouse and The Guthries

In the small Wester Ross town of Dingwall (home of Ross County FC the most northerly professional football club in Britain) there is a place called The Greenhouse a non for profit project which seeks to invest all profits in social,community and environmental projects in Dingwall.
To all intents and purposes it looks and operates as a charity shop. However there are cafe facilities, a community radio and I suspect the occasional gig.
Which is why as well as the usual suspects on the CD racks there is an impressive indie/Americana section.
On my only previous visit I came away with The Redlands Palomino Company.
This time around it was Canadian band The Guthries from Halifax, Nova Scotia and one or two others which will feature later.
You would think that an album called The Guthries would be their debut album. But no it is from 2002 and is preceded by 2000's Off Windmill previously featured by George once he has finished ranting about Brits and their dogs.They only recorded these two albums.
It is perhaps not quite as good as Off Windmill primarily I suspect because singer Matt Mays left before it was recorded. Still well worth a pound of anyone's money though.
Vocals are shared by Ruth and Gabe Minniken and Dale Murray who also play assorted guitars,accordion, piano, organ and mandolin. Serge Samson on bass and Brian Murray on drums provide the rhythm section.
Well worth exploring.
I saw them live at the old Stereo in Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow and they were fantastic

The Guthries - Terrible Thing

The Guthries -Lay It All Out


  1.'s a shame that it's difficult to listen to this record on its own merits if you've heard the first one already. Rant? Have you go the right person?

    1. It is no Off Windmill but still a good record if a bit over long
      And yes, you were off on one during that post