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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Roast Lamb, Boiled Potatoes and 2 Veg £4.00

Just one of the cheap and cheerful delicacies on offer on the blackboards on the back cover of Ray Davies' 2007 Working Man's Cafe.
I was looking for something to post when this literally jumped down from the shelves at me and I find it foolish to ignore such happenings.
My copy of this excellent album comes  courtesy of  The Sunday Times and via my mother-in-law as I have never taken the Murdoch shilling.I'm not too proud to accept a free CD though, particularly one as good as this!
It seems that by acquiring it in his way I have missed the two bonus tracks which I suppose is fair enough

Ray Davies - Vietnam Cowboys

Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe


  1. Mmmmm... roast lamb....

    Ray's a hero of mine, Shame he had to sell his soul to the Murdoch empire just to get his record out there. That seems to fly in the face of pretty much everything he ever purported to stand for. It's a black mark for sure, but I still forgive him. Just.

    Vietnam Cowboys is a really good song too, as good a solo track as he ever made, actually.

  2. Good that someone posted a song by Ray. I've to agree TheRobster's words.