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Monday 27 October 2014

Hospital Tales

Dirk on the ever excellent Sexy Loser has a new toy - some mixtape software.
If you ask him nicely he will happily make you a mix with a theme of your choice.
The Robster requested a hospital themed mix and Dirk duly obliged with his usual terrific taste.
 Dirk is a generous guy who invites feedback from his readers
When one or two, myself included, politely suggested a couple of other songs which could be included he went to trouble of producing an updated mix.
It was suggested that Take Me Down to the Hospital by The Replacements  from their Hootenanny album be included and he included this in the mix.
They also had Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out from their great 1984 album Let it Be.

It looks as though my requested mix is next on his list and I can hardly wait!

The Replacements - Take Me Down To The Hospital

The Replacements - Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out


  1. Indeed it is, mate, but I've run out of bandwidth! And I think it would be a little bit unfair to you to put it online, knowing you can't listen to it before Saturday .... right?

  2. There's never been a bad reason to hear The Replacements.

    Can't forget the Hospitals...Rich People...greatest example of rocknroll turned inside out evAr.

  3. Oh Dirk, you are a tease!
    Five more sleeps - how will I cope?
    I figure the Pistols and the DKs may feature but am looking forward to finding out!