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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Albums I Haven't Listened To In Over 30 Years - Moonflower

I'm sure that we all have albums in our collections which we have not listened to in  a number of years.
I have gone for a short series of those I have not listened to for over 30 years and in some cases for considerably longer.
It is a relatively short series as many of the albums I bought at the time were on pre-recorded cassette and  are currently rotting in a landfill somewhere.
The first culprit is Moonflower a 1977 album by Santana.
Carlos and the boys churn out some Latin percussion and jazz fusion over four sides in an album that features a drum solo -FFS!
I obviously haven't listened to the whole thing but gave their cover of the Zombies She's Not There and the instrumental Zulu which I remember quite liking at the time a quick blast.
Actually these two tracks weren't as bad as I thought that they may be.
I am still eternally grateful, however, that punk came along and saved us from all this!

Santana - She's Not There

Santana - Zulu


  1. This could be a very interesting series. I've got this. Load of old nonsense, as you say. Bought on the strength of She's not there, and the album cover. "Records I bought because I liked the cover"???

  2. In 1984 Santana supported Bob Dylan on a UK tour. I went to a couple of the shows and the Santana sets rank as some of the dullest old tosh I've ever had the misfortune to witness.
    Records I bought because I liked the cover? Big Star, New York Dolls, half my reggae collection. This one could run and run.

  3. Back in 70s I was sometimes vaguely tempted to plunge into Santana's world, but always thought better of it in the end. Recently I have bought a few of their albums at car boots (including this one) when they have been cheap just to see if I had been missing something all these years. I hadn't, and they all in the out pile (or gone) now. I feel somewhat smug that my young taste was on the money.