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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Some Sunday Soul

Whilst dusting down Uncut and Mojo compilations for the Saturday Lucky Dip series I have occasionally stumbled across  a Soul gem or two.
I have been reluctant to post them the day before Soul Sunday as you can have too much of a good thing.
However no Saturday Lucky Dip this week so it is time to give a couple of them an airing

First up is Donny Hathaway who Scott and George have been waxing lyrically about recently
Here is his version of the great To Be Young Gifted & Black
Donny is followed by Chairman of the Board who were active in the 70s . I had it in my head that they were a band in the mould of Lieutenant Pigeon of Mouldy Old Dough fame. Maybe I'm getting confused with Middle of the Road!
However I can confirm that Chairman of the Board were indeed funky as Finder's Keepers clearly demonstrates.

Donny Hathaway - To Be Young, Gifted & Black

Chairman of the Board - Finder's Keepers

Since drafting this I've obtained a Best of Donny Hathaway - fantastic stuff


  1. You can get 5 Donny Hathaway albums in a pack for about £10. And where's the Middle Of The Road track???????

  2. I have my eyes on an Isley Bros box set from the same series
    You will have to wait for Middle of the Road!

  3. I have just purchased the Donny Hathaway 5 CD set. Great stuff, well worth a tenner of anyone's money...

  4. Donny Hathaway possessed such a fine, pure, soulful voice! It's a shame that his life and career were cut short so tragically . . .


  5. I can see it being included on the ever expanding wish list