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Friday 21 November 2014

Harder Than The Best

It is time for some Friday Reggae courtesy of Winston Rodney or to give him his stage name  Burning Spear.
Burning Spear is/are named after a military award given by Jomo Kenyatta the first president of an independent Kenya.

These tracks are taken from Harder Than The Best a 1979 Island Records compilation highlighting his work from the previous decade.
He is still going strong with the last of his 28 studio albums Jah is Real being recorded in 2008

Winston was quite rightly awarded the Jamaican Order of Distinction in 2007

To my American friends - please do not panic he is actually singing "Social Living is the best" as opposed to "Socialism is the best"!

Burning Spear - Social Living

Burning Spear - Civilize Reggae

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