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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I'll Be There For You

Nice Hair

Phil Solem and Danny Wilde collectively known as The Rembrands are the artists responsible for I'll be There For You the theme song for Friends.

Don't get me started on Friends. It represents the worse of American TV. It is not funny. It is however ubiquitous- you can't turn on the telly at any time of the night or day and not find it on at least one channel. It features grown men who meet together for a coffee rather than a beer FFS. Oh, and did I mention it's not funny?

Before this song became their nest egg resulting in them not having to bother too much they had released a couple of albums including 1992's Untitled which is a perfectly acceptable pop album.

Mrs CC picked this up for 50p with about a dozen others in an Oxfam bargain bin in St Andrews. Some were so awful that they have been dispatched from whence they came. The remaining ones could well feature at some stage.You have been warned!

The Rembrandts - Johnny Have You Seen Her?

The Rembrandts -I'll Come Callin'


  1. I can happily report that I have never in my entire life seen an episode of Friends...and I like TV. I love the TV but, all I needed to know was the premise...bougie twenty somethings at a coffee shop.

    Pound sand honkies.

  2. That first track is surprisingly good.

  3. I thought so too. The rest are no great shakes