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Friday 28 November 2014

Stray Cat Singles - You Don't Believe Me

You Don't Believe Me is the third of the five Stray Cats singles in my brothers box and is the one that I , and I suspect  most of you will be least familiar with
Their fourth single , their third released in 1981, and the first one taken from their second album Gonna Ball.
It entered the UK charts on 7th November 1981 but only hung around for 3 weeks peaking at number 57.

The three band members receive writing credits for this song with Brian Setzer being credited for the b-side Cross that Bridge
Gonna Ball only reached number 48 in the album charts compared to Stray Cats' number 6 suggesting that commercially the band had already peaked.

Stray Cats - You Don't Believe Me

Stray Cats - Cross That Bridge


  1. Not bad, but a bit of the going-through-the-motion feel, doesn't it?

    1. It's not as good as the other four George but not bad as you say
      The next two are a return to form

  2. They crashed the party and then they were gone...shame. There should always be some rockabilly in the charts.

  3. I remember the Cats were HUGE in Toronto, but I was out of the loop having just started to collect soul 45s in a big way. As I recall, they were managed at the time by local dee jay Dave Booth (DADDY COOL). It's great being able to hear what I missed (and thanks for the switch to mp3, Mr. CC!)

    1. Stray Cats downloaded from vinyl -comes out as mp3
      Anything downloaded via computer burning software comes out as wma
      i-tunes etc converts to mp3
      Anyone else having problems downloading wma
      Happy to listen to any advise/solutions

    2. Sorted I think - have changed properties to mp3
      All should be mp3s in a few days (couple of posts scheduled using wma