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Thursday 27 November 2014

Luca Brasi Sleeps With the Fishes

I put horse's heads in people's beds
Cause I am the mob

Back in a previous life the Queen of the Airwaves Cerys Matthews MBE was lead singer of the Welsh  rock band Catatonia.
They released four albums between 1996 and 2001 all on Blanco Y Negro of which I own one namely International Velvet from 1998.
You often see their albums in charity shops and I was under the impression that at the very least I also had Equally Blessed and Cursed.
Apparently I don't,  something I must remember next time I come across it or any of their other albums

Catatonia - I Am The Mob

Catatonia - Road Rage


  1. Their debut album 'Way Beyond Blue' is very highly recommended and much much better than 'Equally Cursed And Blessed'. Get that one first, if I were you...

    1. Cheers for the heads up - I'll look out for it
      Having said that if I see Equally foe a quid it would be foolish not to ..

    2. ... it's that sort of thinking that constantly gets me into trouble with Mrs Darce ("not more records", "where are going to put them?" ... continued on page 98).

    3. There is of course an easy solution Darcy - just move to a bigger house!