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Monday 10 November 2014

Riddim is a Dancer

Former Disposable Hero of Hiphoprisy  star Michael Franti has released eight studio albums with his band Spearhead
Their 6th  All Rebel Rockers from 2008 is their most successful  to date and has a lovely reggae feel to it  - hardly surprising really given that Sly and Robbie are at the controls.
Cherine Anderson and Marie Daulne also pitch up to assist in the vocals department.
Around this time Franti even found time to play at three different events to commemorate Barrack Obama's inauguration.
An excellent post -holiday discovery in a Cathcart Charity shop

The rude boy's back in town

Rude Boys Back in Town

A Little Bit of Riddim


  1. Say Hey was everywhere for a while...inescapable. That was alright though. I like it.

    Ha, I am married to a Cathcart.

  2. Michael Franti should be a household name. But the world sucks, so he isn't...

    1. He is one of those artists who has kind of slipped by my radar over the years. But this is a terrific album