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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hats of to The View

The View are four young whippersnappers from Dryburgh, Dundee whose debut album Hats of to the Buskers entered the UK album charts at number 1 on 28th January 2007 reflecting a fairly intensive period of hype prior to its release.
Although pretty raw in places it is full of youthful enthusiasm, confidence and energy.

George, if you listen closely on Superstar Tradesman you will hear your erstwhile hometown get a mention.
Whereas I quite enjoy the album I haven't really felt the urge to rush out and purchase any of it's three successors.

They join Michael Marra, The Hazy Janes, Danny Wilson, Swiss Family Orbison, Billy McKenzie and bits of Deacon Blue as Dundonian artists to have featured on CCM

The View - Superstar Tradesman

The View - Same Jeans


  1. Stumbled upon them playing an in store in Fopp on Rose St one lunchtime around the time of the first single. They were just weans. I was very late back to work.

    Still love that first album

  2. Was that a mention of a house in the Ferry? I have this album, but (obviously) play it rarely. But Same Jeans is cracking pop song.

    1. That's the chappie
      Likewise - it had been a wee while since I last listened to this

    2. More Dundonian music please