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Monday 15 April 2024

U.S. Highball


In December 2021 I saw Dropkick for the first time at a sparsely populated Hug and Pint. The were supported by Hugh Sturgeon & the Infomaniacs and U.S Highball

U.S Highball were on first. Two quirky Glasgow lads (James Hindle and Calvin Halliday) pootering about on synths for about 20 minutes. It didn't do much for me at the time

A good while later out of curiosity I downloaded their 2023 album No Thievery, Just Cool. I then forgot all about it until fairly recently when I got round to giving it a listen.

Quirky yes and a bit twee but also surprisingly catchy and good fun. "Is that Teenage Fanclub?" Mrs CC asked. A good shout but I would have them more in the BMX Bandits camp. It seems that they have a bit of a cult following and the good folk in Monorail appear to be fans.

So too is our dear friend Brian who I know is also a fan and it is payback for something which will appear here tomorrow.

U.S Highball - Irresponsible Holiday

U.S. Highball - Paris 2019


  1. I have a BMX Bandits album, it's absolute drivel. These two tacks today are great.

  2. Pleasantly surprised you gave these fellas a try. Not for everyone, to be sure, but a fine listen. As you mentioned, I gave them a shot because of a Monorail recommendation a few years ago. Seeing them with Dropkick sounds like my kind of show. - Brian

  3. Saw them last year when they played the Glas-Goes Pop fest at the GUU. They were one of the highlights of the entire weekend, and I ended up buying their 2022 album from the merch stall - the magnificently named 'A Parkhead Cross Of The Mind'.