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Friday 19 April 2024

The Home Nations 4


Looking at the meagre lists of songs I have by artists from Wales and Northern Ireland I don't think that I will get more than 6 weeks out of this series. In the meantime let's bash on.

England first (isn't it always?) I was going to post England's Glory by Max Wall until it dawned on me that I had a version by Ian Dury somewhere. Sure enough there is a live version as a bonus track on my CD copy of New Boots and Panties !!

Northern Ireland seems to have been well represented during the Punk era. In addition to the previously featured Undertones there was also Stiff Little Fingers. I couldn't not feature Alternative Ulster in this series.

As icons go there are few better than Alex Harvey the legendary Scottish lead singer from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Their Live album from 1975, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, remains one of me favourite live albums. Here is track 1 side 2 Give My Compliments to the Chef.

Welsh blue-eyed Soul singer Aimee Anne Duffy shone brightly for a couple of years with two great albums Rockferry (2008) and Endlessley (2010). She then disappeared as quickly as she has arrived and sadly seems to have had a somewhat troubled life since then. Here is Mercy , the second single from Rockferry, and a number one hit.

More next Friday hopefully.

Ian Dury - England's Glory (Live)

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Give My Compliments to the Chef

Duffy - Mercy


  1. Looking forward to some Clodagh Rodgers and Harry Secombe next week

  2. Tough one this week - none of them are particular favourites. I'm growing to appreciate Stiff Little Fingers a lot more lately, though Alternative Ulster isn't one of their best tracks for me (despite it being their most well known). They'll get my vote which isn't a vote because this isn't a voting series to anyone but me.

  3. I never liked Duffy. Apparently when her second album failed to sell as well as the first, she threw a complete tantrum and told everyone she was quitting music. Didn't know things have been tough on her since. It might explain the "tantrum" and the quitting...

  4. I'm with Rol on the toughness question though I am a fan of Ian Dury and Alex. As for Duffy, I'm not familiar with her (flutter my eyelashes) oeuvre. If there was a vote though (and I can produce my voter ID if necessary under protest) I'd cast it for NI this week. Always liked SLF.