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Wednesday 17 April 2024



We were watching the latest series of the Norwegian crime drama  Wisting on BBC 4 on Saturday night.

In one scene the daughter of the main character was splitting up with her boyfriend. He was round collecting his stuff and bequeathed her a vinyl copy of A.M. by Wilco. She was so impressed that they both had  their clothes ripped off five minutes later.

I can't say that it has ever had that affect on me. From 1995 it is the debut album by the band set up by Jeff Tweedy following the break up of Uncle Tupelo.

I've only ever had a burn of it as I did not really get into the band  until the next two albums - Being There (1996) and Summerteeth (1999) when I really got into them big style.

I was having problems ripping the burned copy to MP3 so I downloaded  the Deluxe edition from 2017 which has remastered versions of the original 13 songs along with a further 7 plus one by Uncle Tupelo.

Here's three that were on the original number including the only single Box Full of Letters.

Wilco -Box Full of Letters

Wilco - Shouldn't Be Ashamed

Wilco -Passenger Side


  1. Relieved to hear that you and Mrs C are capable of exercising self-restraint when required.

  2. Like Freedy the other day, this first album is not as good as what was about to come, but Passenger Side is a classic that often appears on Wilco’s set list to this day. - Brian

  3. Don't know that much about Wilko though I do have Summerteeth and esp like Via Chicago. Aware they had a sometimes fractious relationship with Billy Bragg. Quite liked the tracks you posted here esp Passenger Side so will look into them a bit further