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Saturday 20 April 2024

Saturday Shuffle 50


A half century of shuffles! How did that happen? 150 songs and as far as I am aware no doublers.

The good or bad news depending on where you stand there are currently 2467 songs on the MP3 player with more no doubt to follow. This series could run and run which suits me (and hopefully you!) . It doesn't take much thought and covers one day of the week with minimum effort.

It is only fitting that we start this week's offerings with something by the Reverend. Reverend Al Green that is with the song What a Wonderful Thing Love Is.

Heaven 17 have featured on the shuffle before but not with Play to Win yet another excellent song from the brilliant Penthouse and Pavement album.

We conclude this week with The Walkmen and the stonking Lost in Boston.

More like this next Saturday.

Al Green - What a Wonderful Thing Love Is

Heaven 17 - Play to Win

The Walkmen - Lost in Boston


  1. Couldn't resist working it out CC but if you added nothing new to the MP3 this series would last until 2039.

    Penthouse and Pavement was brilliant indeed.