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Thursday 4 April 2024

Helplessness Blues


Like the world and his wife I got caught up in the hype in 2008 and bought the Fleet Foxes eponymous debut album.

I subsequently got a copy of the follow up 2011's Helplessness Blues on Sub Pop/Bella Union from the library. I burnt it, played it a couple of times, and then filed it away on the Folk/Singer-Songwriter shelves where it has subsequently gathered dust for a good few years

The other day I converted the burn to a download to save space and thought that I should give it a listen. I must confess to not recognising any of the tunes and none particularly jumped out.

I am maybe in a minority in  being pretty underwhelmed as it was lauded by the vast majority of the critics and has a very impressive score of 85/100 on the Metacritic Aggregator and featured in pretty much every list of the top 50 albums of the year.

I've no regrets about demoting it to a digital only format.

Fleet Foxes - Lorelai

Fleet Foxes - Blue Spotted Tail

It's better than Knocked Down Loaded!


  1. Save space on your hard drive and delete this load of old bobbins

  2. Never understood the love, but I’m trying to be better about leaving people alone when it comes to their personal tastes. Still struggling though. I need Rol to write a piece on the subject of music snobbery. - Brian

    1. Just been reading a chapter of Michel Faber's book Listen which is all about music snobbery, Brian. I'd recommend reading that over anything I can cobble together!

      As for Fleet Foxes... yeah, the first album and Mykonos... after that, I struggle.

  3. Ditto others here. FF had a great debut album and I have both follow ups (yrs here and Crack Up) which I can't recall ever having played. I liked both these tracks though so I ought to go back and have another listen. Re musical snobbery I can go back to the time of Freddie and the Dreamers time and I still resent how they lost out to those Beatles upstarts who, let's face it, just got lucky