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Monday 20 November 2023

Monday's Sunday Selections


I was stuck for something to post today so I thought that I would feature a song each from the three albums we listened to over Sunday brunch and subsequent chores.

The Ultimate Collection by Allison Moorer was requested by Mrs CC. An artists we have seen twice once on her own and once with her sister Shelby Lynne. She was also briefly married to Steve Earle. I would say that she is one of those artists who has one foot in mainstream Country and the other in American/Alternative Country. Obviously my preference is for the latter.

We then went for random selections. Mrs CC went first and pulled out Love by Aztec Camera from the Indie/Pop shelves. From 1987 it is their third album. Not as good as their debut High Land, Hard Rain but better that Knife the second one. There are two top songs on it namely How Men Are and Killermont Street which is pictured above. It has Buchanan Street Bus Station on one side and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on the other. The Concert Hall did not open until 1990 so this remains the best song ever about a bus station.

I'm afraid I let the side down with my random selection which was People the debut album by Irish folk rock band Hothouse Flowers from 1998. A search of the Blog suggests that this was a charity shop purchase by Mrs CC which I posted about in October 2013 This was the only time that they have featured here before and I suspect that this may have been the first time it has been played since. It probably needs to go back.

We saw their frontman Liam Ó Maonlaí perform as part of a Roaming Roots Revue concert at Celtic Connections and he is as mad as a box of frogs.

Allison Moorer - Is It Worth It ?

Aztec Camera - Killermont Street

Hothouse Flowers - Don't Go


  1. Good to know there is a responsible adult involved in the process.

  2. "There's a message for us
    We can get there by bus
    From Killermont Street" The Roddy-Boy Wonder sure smacked that one into the back of the net didn't he? It came on my car mp3 player the other day just after "We Could Send Letters" (Postcard version). I was driving from Dullatur to Lanark and had to pull over on the A73 at Stand, restart the tracks and listen properly. Give them a bit of proper attention. About forty (yes 40) years just evaporated hearing those tracks properly for the first time in so many years. Quite took me back to a different world. We were all just kids!