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Thursday 2 November 2023

Stevie Wonderful


The other day Superstition by Stevie Wonder came on the radio and it just about stopped me in my tracks. What a magnificent song.

It is taken from his 1972 album Talking Book. The early 70s were probably when Stevie was at his peak not that I knew that at the time. It would be much later before I discovered what I consider to be the Holy Triumvirate of his albums Talking Book, Innervisions (1973) and Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

Looking at his discography there was also an album from 1975 Fulfillingness' First Finale. It is not one I have heard or even heard much about and I don't recognise any of the songs. I suppose that is something I should rectify.

In the meantime one from each of the Holy Triumvirate starting naturally with Superstition. You wont hear anything much better today.


  1. It's a great album, and you surely must know this belter

  2. 'Fulfillingness' First Finale' is second only to 'Innervision' in my humble opinion

  3. Ah, that feeling of being 'stopped in my tracks' realisation of how great a particular song is I know so well.

    As for Stevie, can't say I'm especially a fan, I let his early stuff (hit singles that is) go through my ears and some of his later stuff was execrable BUT there are some sublime tracks in that '72 -'76 period. Apart from those you've posted there's He's Misstra Know It All, Pastime Paradise, I Believe When We Fall in Love etc etc.