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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Trains, Boats and Planes 2


The second instalment of Trains, Boats and Planes with apologies to Ernie Still no buses.

There are far more train songs to chose from that the other modes of transport so let's go for one of the better ones.
Down There By The Train is a song written by Tom Waits but as is often the case it is trumped by the cover version from Johnny Cash which is taken from the first American Recordings album.

Boat to Bolivia is the title track of the brilliant 1986 debut album by Martin Stephenson & the Daintees. Martin clearly knows his geography as he correctly points out that you can't catch a boat to Bolivia given that it is a landlocked country.

Finally The Cramps up the tempo somewhat with Mystery Plane.

I say finally but in fact we conclude with Sandie Shaw who has the set with her interpretation of the  Bacharach and David song Trains and Boats and Planes. Spoiler alert - this will not be the only time that this song features in this series.


  1. The Pastels, Train Truck Tractor, should be in at some point- very local to you too.

  2. I can think of a very good versions of Trains and Boats and Planes... I'll be interested to see which others you feature.

  3. I hold a candle for Sandie but just not here! I played Martin Stephenson's album a lot in the 80s so he easily gets my vote