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Tuesday 7 November 2023

The Return of the Silver Fox


2023 Charity Shop Purchases #84  - Charley Rich - The Very Best Of

The late, great Charlie Rich has appeared here before both from his early Rockabilly days and his subsequent middle of the road country.

Apart from songs in various Sun and/or Rockabilly compilations up until now the only thing of his I had was a vinyl copy of his 1973 classic album Behind Closed Doors.

Nothing on CD until I stumbled upon The Very Best Of  from 1997 on Prism in the Canine Rescue Shop in Newton Stewart (or the Dead Dog shop as we call it because of the smell) .A very cheap but not necessarily very cheerful compilation.

I say very cheap. Maybe that should read very, very cheap. I thought it was 25p only to find out that it was actually 10p  (for 20 tracks). I had handed over the 25p and was too embarrassed to ask for change!

You will all be familiar with these three classics.

Charlie Rich - The Most Beautiful Girl

Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors

Charlie Rich - I Feel Like Going Home


  1. One of the finest singers of all time in my view. Pretty nifty on the piano too.

  2. My late father is smiling somewhere. He liked the artist and appreciated a bargain. - Brian

  3. The original solo piano version of I Feel Like Going Home is one of my desert island discs