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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Brothers, Sisters .... 7


Only one song from each artist today because as far as I am aware The White Sisters only ever released two singles one of which was Misery, Me & You. It is the only one I have a copy of and I was unable to source the other. They were not sisters, in fact they were not even female.

According to Discogs there have been three acts called The White Sisters - one providing backing vocals for Green on Red, a female Gospel trio and today's first band pictured above who were based in Madison, Wisconsin.
Consisting of Jeffrey Borchardt on guitar, mandolin and vocals, Larry Bethe on drums and Derrick McBride on bass from 1986 the single was recorded on Butch Vig's Madison based BOAT Records and Tapes.

It is the last song on side 3 of the excellent compilation album - Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987. When my bank manager comes calling I shall refer him in Brian's direction as he is wholly responsible for me purchasing this.

The Brothers this week probably need no introduction. I suppose to make it a more even contest I could have pitched the Sisters up against the post Gram Parsons version of the Flying Burrito Brothers. However, this would deny me featuring something from The Gilded Palace of Sin something I was not prepared to do.

The White Sisters song is pretty good and would probably have held its own against some of the other Brothers. However, obviously today there can only be one winner. There will be a lot of much more even contests to follow.


  1. Rather taken with The White Sisters, though I'll generally have any song which features the word Misery in its title. Not really fair to put them up Gram & co. though.

  2. I wrote a list in no particular order of 1 to 20 for both brothers and sisters.Therefore it is the luck of the draw or in this case the bad luck!

  3. Hot Burrito 1 is marvellous isn't it. Swc.

  4. A much closer contest than expected, but c’mon. Hot Burrito no. 1 is perfection. - Brian

  5. You've fiddled every single one of these so far. A sad indictment of the state of democracy today.

    1. You will be hearing from my lawyer ...

    2. I haven't got a lawyer so I could be in trouble here. This is not the time or place to admit this I know but......I've never really got the Burritos or Gram Parsons in any guise. God knows I've tried, but for me there's nothing there. Whilst I'm here there are several other offences I'd like taken into consideration - Joni Mitchell, Brian Eno, Level 42, The The, Moby, Paul Weller and most obviously of all Oasis. So, sue me!

  6. Hot Burrito No 1 is pure perfection. Heard a couple of great anecdotes back in the mid-80's from Hank Wangford (Dr Sam Hutt) and Bobby Valentino about Gram. If anyone hasn't see the video of The Flying Burrito Brothers 'performing' Hot Burrito No 1 on a local US cable TV Station then here is the clip and thanks to whoever kept the tape safe back in the day. Check the close ups on them Nudie Suits.