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Wednesday 22 November 2023

Brothers, Sisters ......... 6



I've just checked which day of the week and it is actually Wednesday as opposed to Sunday. After listening to these songs you will understand why it is easy to get confused

We have the fire and brimstone country gospel version as preached by Charles and Ira  Louvin up against fellow Alabamans the Johnson Sisters who have been described as the Sweethearts of Gospel Music.

If you are a regular visitor to this site then the Louvin Brothers will need no introduction. In case they are new to you here is their Wiki page .You are in for a treat. They do sing secular songs but  also do some excellent Hell and Damnation numbers. Sadly Ira's relationship with the bottle meant he didn't always practice what he preached. Two of their religious ones for you today.

According to Discogs there have been three acts called The Johnson Sisters. I think I have the correct one.I know absolutely nothing about them so I will let Discogs do the honours

US gospel from Alabama which started in the mid-50s. The Johnson Sisters (also recognized as the) Sweethearts of Gospel Music, embraced a style unlike any other gospel groups of their day. Although their sound is uniquely their own, is akin to that of the popular McGuire Sisters. The original group consisted of Mary, Margaret, Judy and Anna Johnson, daughters of L.C. and Maedeen Johnson. Margaret was seven years younger than Mary. The youngsters in the group, Judy and Anna, are twins born about a year after Margaret. Their brother, Luther, wasn't interested in singing, although he has a very pleasing voice. The sisters recorded their first album on the Sing label when the twins were at the ripe old age of nine! "The Sweethearts of Gospel Music" soon became one of the best-selling albums in the Sing catalogue. At the time, Mary was the pianist and arranger, Margaret sang the low contralto part, Judy supplied the alto, and Anna sang a beautiful soprano.

It is hard to find fault with their music but there can clearly be only one winner today. Yes it is the gents who warned you that Satan is real

Louvin Brothers - The Family Who Prays

Louvin Brothers -Satan is Real

Johnson Sisters -You Can't Hurry God

Johnson Sisters -Lord I've Tried


  1. Any time the Louvin Brothers sing about Satan, I'm on board.

    That said, You Can't Hurry God is a great title.

    Lads this week though.

  2. Louvins. Satan not satin. Although both are very real.

  3. Are you sure both Johnson Sisters tracks are by the same set of sisters?? The vocals on the first sound nothing like those on the second.

    1. Not entirely!
      It could be another 2 v 1 scenario

    2. And the 1 will still win, although I do like "You Can't Hurry God" a lot

  4. It's the brothers for me for this time.

    Great song titles but wouldn't they be even better if joined togther?

    "The Family Who Prays Satan Is Real"
    "You Can't Hurry God (Lord I've Tried)"

    I don't care who would record thise songs, I'd buy 'em!

    1. Sounds like a great idea for a new blog series, K.

  5. Americans eh? Sorry, should have said 'religious Americans'. Although I tuck the Louvins under my arm, they were the fifties and yet more than half a century later US conservatives are still sucking the life out of progressive liberalism. Whaddya mean this is a music blog?