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Tuesday 20 September 2022

The Whole Love


I've always been slightly wary of anything post Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco. Largely because I was a fan of the Jay Bennett era and also because they became a bit more squiggly leading to them being described as America's Radiohead. For the record that is not a good thing.

However I am gradually becoming braver in my old age and last year saw me picking up 2004's A Ghost is Born from Missing Records.
On my latest trip to Missing I became even braver picking up 2011's The Whole Love their first on their own dBpm label.

Listening to the start of the first track Art of Almost it seemed that I had made a bit of a mistake given a proliferation of electronic nonsense.Thankfully thereafter it began to calm down a bit and became rather good in places particularly with the two tracks featured before.

I recently heard their most recent record Cruel Country which is avery welcome return to their alt-Country roots


  1. Track 1, are they channelling their inner Calexico?

  2. 'Wilco (The Album)' was the last I picked up, I'm not sure why I stopped at that point as I still enjoyed their stuff. Both tunes here are great.

  3. Cruel Country would be a classic if it didn't go on so long. Less is more, lads!