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Monday, 19 September 2022



I have a few funeral songs which I considered playing today but figured that some folk might find that disrespectful.
Instead you are getting Waltzie an EP from Caitlin Cary from 2000 which I recently picked up in Glasgow's Missing Records.

Caitlin has graced these pages before usually as part of Whiskeytown or with songs from Begonias where she duets with Thad Cockrell.
A solo song from an Uncut compilation has also popped up but this is the first time that I have physically owned any of her solo work

To save me wittering on here is some blurb from her Bandcamp page:
This intimate EP showcases the ex-Whiskeytown member's beautiful soprano and sets the stage for her full YepRoc debut, While You Weren't Looking. Featuring four originals, some more completed than others, all are convincing in their delivery and testaments to Cary's abilities as a lyricist and songwriter, not merely a violin player and harmony vocalist. Highlights are the melancholy, yet moving waltz opener, "Sorry," penned with the help of multi-instrumentalist Mike Daly, who also flavors the affair with pedal steel, dulcimer, and 12-string, and Cary's more upbeat, feminist-tinged plea "Rosemary Moore," encouraging an aging widow to stop grieving and start living. Featuring the dark, humorous lines "take out your hearing aid and go have a drink" and "if he didn't die happy at least he didn't die poor," it's hard not to hear the influence of ex-bandmate Ryan Adams, who lends harmonies and harmonica. Produced by Chris Stamey (Sneakers and the dB's), this is serious work with a warm, living room vibe.

The only non- original song on the album is her version of the Richard &Linda Thompson song Withered and Died which I shall save for a compare and contrast post.


  1. "some folk might find that disrespectful."
    well, I will be instructing two goats five cats two dogs a hedgehog and a pigeon to stay silent today at the allotted time, whenever that is, as a mark of respect!

  2. 5 days late on this but to hell with those sorry souls brittle enough to feel offended - I would have liked to hear your funeral songs!