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Thursday, 22 September 2022

Atlanic R&B Volume 2


The final CD in my 3 for £5 haul from Missing Records was Volume 2 - 1952- 1954 in the Atlantic R&B series and it was the missing one from the eight piece jigsaw

I picked up Volume 1 a few years back with the intention of  getting the other 7 in order . I ended up doing it in a more round about way. Early last year I picked up Volumes 3 and 4 in a charity shop on Glasgow's Battlefield Rd. Then later in the year I got Volumes 5,6,7 and 8 from Missing. 

I hadn't been back to Missing since but hoped that I would find a copy of Volume 2 on my recent trip and I was pretty chuffed that I did. It has given me a great sense of satisfaction to see all 8 volumes on the shelves.

About half a dozen artists dominate the 26 tracks all of whom have appeared here before and some of whom feature on Volume 1 and/or Volume 3

Here are three of the best

Ruth Brown - Mama,He Treats Your Daughter Mean

LaVern Baker - Soul on Fire

Big Joe Turner - Shake,Rattle and Roll


  1. I had never heard LaVern Baker before, but this is such a majestic arrangement and performance! I will listen to more of her music for sure...

    1. She does a few great songs in the early volumes of this series

  2. Of the four albums with Atlantic in the title here, two are in this series, volumes 3 and 5. I bet vol 2 is a belter

  3. Can't go wrong with Atlantic.

  4. I've got Vols 1-4 didn't know the series stretched further. Some tremendous tracks on these albums. Who knew rock music/R&B went back as far as this. Before I was born in fact which makes me feel a lot younger!

  5. I have relatives living in the US of A, and a few years ago, when they found I was writing a music blog, they posted a real coffee-table book called "What'd I Say" - The Atlantic Story, 50 Years of Music, by founder and chairman of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun (with more than a little help from several other contributors). I call it a coffee-table book because it's massive and could easily be used as one. It's a thing of beauty, packed with loads of beautiful B&W photos of the label's artists. Listening to these tunes, you've inspired me to actually do something constructive with it - so cheers!

  6. Congrats on completing the task. I really feel you should be getting some sort of merit badge to sew onto the sleeve of your anorak!

    But seriously.....great stuff. Now, how about an ICA of ten songs drawn from the eight volumes???