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Sunday, 18 September 2022

Albums on both CD and Vinyl - Harvest


I have well over a dozen Neil Young albums mostly on CD. There are only three of those on vinyl and two are relatively recent acquisitions. (Comes a Time and Live Rust if anyone is interested). 

The other one which I have had for years and which you can guess from the picture and post title is Harvest his fourth album released in 1972 on the Reprise label .I think that the CD version may be courtesy of Mrs CC.

It is one of his most famous albums.Indeed it may well be his most famous. Neil told the NME that Harvest is probably the best record I've made.

He is joined by a group of Country session musicians (Jack Nitzsche (piano), Ben Keith (steel guitar), Tim Drummond (bass) and Kenny Buttrey (drums)) who he christened the Stray Gators' . Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Linda Rondstadt are all lurking in the background on a couple of tracks.

Unless you have been living in a bubble for the last 50 years you should be familiar with a good few of the tracks and at the very least Heart of Gold.

He's been to Hollywood, he's been to Redwood.

Absolutely timeless.

Neil Young -Heart of Gold

Neil Young -Are You Ready For the Country?

Neil Young -Old Man


  1. As a former NHS employee I felt obliged to edit this and add an Oxford comma, if only to annoy Therese Coffey.

    1. Sadly, no amount of scorn, sarcasm, or ridicule (see what I did there?) can penetrate the thick hide of wilful ignorance with which this sorry excuse of a government cloaks itself.

  2. Such a great album, timeless as you say.
    As for that Oxford comma - without it I suspect Therese Coffey would be out looking for that elusive Crosby, Stills, Nash & Linda Ronstadt album. (Although apparently Dr Dre is more her thing)

  3. Yep, timeless is a spot on description. For me, I'm not sure where I'd place this album in a contest with AfterThe Goldrush. Pretty arcane I know but let's call it a dead heat