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Thursday, 8 September 2022

Try Whistling This


 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #43 - Neil Finn - Try Whistling This

Hopefully I won't upset my Edinburgh 22 pals John and Martin ,both of whom have recently seen the band live,  but Crowded House do nothing for me. I watched part of their Glastonbury set at the time and was pretty underwhelmed.

I accept that I am probably in a minority (they sold out the Hydro, Glasgow's largest venue) and I'm sure they are lovely guys who many feel write and perform great pop music.

I picked up Try Whistling to This the 1998 debut solo album by front man Neil Finn for 50p from a charity shop to see if his solo work would change my mind. Sadly not was the answer.

It is not offensive or annoying in any way but personally I find it is a bit bland and nondescript with nothing jumping out and grabbing me.

I'm happy to acknowledge that it is just me and that many will feel that this album is a must have. I will also accept that I have worse, much worse, on the shelves which others would quite rightly question

I don't see me playing it again anytime soon so it is going back to charity and I hope it finds a good home and that  whoever picks it it up enjoys it.

Sorry Neil, John and Martin.

Neil Finn - Last One Standing

Neil Finn - She Will Have Her Way


  1. Ha, no apology necessary - to each, their own!

  2. I bought this album once too, purely on the strength of hearing a track from it playing in a Cornish pub one holiday lunchtime, not knowing the song but recognising Neil's voice. But for me it turned out to be the only song I truly liked from it - Sinner (which I still find stunning). I tried the rest of the album a few times but it eventually went to a charity shop too!

  3. "I'm happy to acknowledge that it is just me"
    Absolutely not
    " and that many will feel that this album is a must have."
    Again, absolutely not

  4. I'm with your bus mates on Crowded House, the Finn Brothers and Neil's solo work. Hope we can still be friends.

  5. I am in exactly the same situation as you, with a mate who loves Crowded House and yet I find them (with a couple of exceptions) earnestly dull and bland in a 'songwriterly' way. That 2nd track had a good song itching to get out yet never managed it. No shame to be had.

  6. 'Crowded House do nothing for me.'

    I'm another who'll sign that petition.