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Monday, 28 February 2022

Slava Ukraini


I'm stating the obvious here but it is a pretty worrying and dreadful state of affairs with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While the blame clearly at the door of the psychopathic thug Vladimar Putin, you could argue that the UK is also to a degree complicit given that London is the world's money laundering epicentre with Johnson and the British Government happy to prostiutute themselves for the oligarchs billions.

There are also maybe some slight glimmers of hope - the heroic resistance of the Ukranian people and the equally heroic Russians protesting in the streets. They are all much braver than I could ever be.

The other day Swiss Adam gave us the background to the band The Ukranians and their version of  the Pistols Pretty Vacant.

A track each from the band from three Cooking Vinyl samplers that I have with their take of songs by The Smiths and Velvet Underground

The Ukranians -Venus in Furs

The Ukranians -Chartez Richu, Cherez Hai

The Ukranians - Spivaye Solovey


  1. It is necessary to show solidarity to the Ukrainian people. And if it is in this way it will be worth to feature any songs of The Ukrainians, Stevie.

  2. Think you've summed up what I too have been thinking CC - Yes, they are all much braver than I could ever be.

    As Walter says, worth featuring this band to show solidarity. Ukranians.

  3. Nicely done, CC. As the above said, solidarity.