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Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Happy Birthday Revolution


2022 Charity Shop Purchases # 8  -Levellers - Happy Birthday Revolution (CD Single)

On Saturday I went to Firhill to see Dundee United play Partick Thistle in the Scottish Cup. It was a poor game on a dreadful pitch which United, perhaps undeservedly, won 1-0.

My bus got in slightly early so I popped into Barnardos on Great Western Road near toWintersgills our pre-match hostelry of choice. I came
 away with three CD singles

One was Happy Birthday Revolution a track from Hello Pig the 6th studio album from the Levellers on China Records.
The only other  thing of theirs that I have is their crusty debut album A Weapon Called the World released 10 years previously. This track couldn't sound less crusty. If I was unaware of the artist and had to guess the first name that I would come up with would be John Lennon. That is not necessarily a good thing. The album was produced by Mark Wallis who had previously worked with Oasis. Again, not necessarily a good thing.
Not convinced that this one is a keeper.

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