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Saturday 19 February 2022

Seen at King Tuts: Green on Red


Green on Red

Monday 4th September  2006      £15.00               Ticket No  GA2 34

There was a genuine buzz of excitement amongst the Glasgow Americana community when news broke that Green on Red who had recently re-formed were going to play King Tuts. My late pal Harry in particular was beside himself.

Most of us had seen Chuck Prophet on a number of occassions but the opportunity to see the iconic band of which he was a member was not to be missed even although the price of the tickets was considerably higher than usual.

Green on Red were associated with the Los Angeles Paisley Underground scene and were active from 1979 -1992 prior to briefly reforming from 2005 -2006 so it was a short window to capture them live.

The line up for the reunion was singer Dan Stuart, the afore-mentioned Chuck Prophet,  Chris Cacavas and Jack Waterson.

From memory they put on a great show with all the classic songs featuring including their brilliant version of Willie Nelson's (Gee Ain't it Funny How) Time Slips Away from the 1985 No Free Lunch EP, Hair of the Dog from 1986's Gas Food Lodging and Pills and Booze from 1989's This Time Around.

One of those shows that I can proudly boast - I was there

Green on Red - (Gee Ain't it Funny How) Time Slips Away

Green on Red - Hair of the Dog

Green on Red - Pills and Booze


  1. Got some Green On red records, must dig them out again. Here Come The Snakes was the one that really hit home with me.

  2. I'm on a massive Chuck Prophet trip at the moment, so as usual I'm jealous of this ticket. Must dig back into the Green On Red days in more detail.

  3. Sounds like a great night and a good window! Ah - Gas, Food Lodging was the album for me and I haven't heard it for eons. Bands like Green On Red and The Rain Parade were just what we needed in the mid '80s. Time to reinvestigate.

  4. Green on Red were a very important band for me in the 1980s, but much to my dismay I missed the reunion tour. After a Dan Stuart solo show in 2014, he seemed genuinely moved that I'd driven 30-odd miles to see him that evening and was completely gobsmacked when I told him that back in the day I used to do 140 mile round trips for Green on Red gigs in London.