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Monday 7 February 2022

Some More From The Reverend


2022 Charity Shop Purchases # 6  Al Green - Livin' For You

The second part of the recently acquired Al Green 2 albums on 1 CD in St Andrews

Last week it was the classic Call Me his 6th album from 1973. Today we have the follow up Livin' For You also from 1973 and hardly surprisingly also on the Hi label. Maybe not in the same league as Call Me (very few albums are) but nevertheless it made #1 on the Soul charts and certified as a gold disc

Producer Willie Mitchell recalls stopping by Al's office on Thanksgiving Day  with the idea for the title track, and the two of them knocking it out in the hour before dinner. His memory may not be what it was as the song was actually released three days before Thanksgiving!

Another fun fact had Green's band had there way the album would've had a whole new sound namely reggae.Willie Mitchell's Hi Rhythm Section suggested a trip to the Bahamas to get a feel forthe emerging sounds of the islands, but the trip never happened.

The Reggae Reverend has an interesting ring to it.

Nice pair of Dan Dares on the album cover.

Al Green - Livin' For You

Al Green - Lets Get Married Tonight

Al Green - My God is Real


  1. Do Al's legs really take up two-thirds of his body as the drawing suggests?

  2. That is a great album cover.