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Friday, 25 February 2022

True Sadness


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #12 - The Avett Brothers - True Sadness

On last week's Saturday Snapshots at Rol's place I correctly guessed that the answer to number 6 was the Avett Brothers. Not because I recognised them from the picture but  because I worked out that their name is an anagram of Hotter Vest Bra. A piece of useful information to impress your friends, families and work colleagues with.

Step forward a few hours and there on the shelves of a Shawlands charity shop is True Sadness  theiir 9th album  from  2016 on Republic Records. It was produced by Rick Rubin given that Republic is a subsiduary of American Recordings.You do not ignore such synchronisity and it was duly purchased. It seemed foolish not too.

It is pretty good - an amalgam of Americana, bluegrass and a tinge of gospel here and there. They are from Mount Pleasant, North California and  as you may have worked out the main protagonists are  brothers namely Scott (lead vocals, banjo and acoustic guitar ) and Seth (vocals, piano, bass, percussion) Avett alongside a further five musicians.

I may well have picked this up irrespective of Saturday Snapshots but clearly fate intervened.


  1. This is good. Nothing by them on my shelves, but these two will be featuring on volume 194

  2. I'm quite partial to the Avett Brothers - got a couple of theirs but have heard more. Particularly liked the Smithsonian track you played. My standouts of theirs are Kick Drum Heart off I And Love And You and Paranoia in Bflat Major on Emotionalism