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Wednesday, 16 February 2022

The Pain Inside


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #9 - Cosmic Rough Riders -The Pain Inside (CD single)

One look at the cover of The Pain Inside is enough to confirm that it was taken from the majestic 2000 album Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine by Cosmic Rough Riders. It was also on the album Panorama given that most of the tracks on ETMS were taken from their first two self- released albums Deliverance and  the afore- mentioned Panorama.

Release by Poptones in 2001 it has the same distinctive artwork as ETMS. I'm a bit surprised that it was released as a single. Not because it isn't good - it is - but because there were so many great songs to choose from.

I have the vinyl reissue of Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine on order to compliment the CD version so shortly I will have three copies of this song. It is the first time that I have had the other two songs in my possession. They both appear on the deluxe version of the album which I don't have.

This one is a keeper


  1. That’s a great find, CC. No doubt the person who dumped it picked up the deluxe edition... or is mad as a hatter.

  2. I'm glad to see such a successful start to your New Year, returning this blog to its roots. I myself went a little crazy in a charity shop the other day (4 for a quid will have you buying all sorts of tat, won't it?), and then in the shop next door I found 3 John Hiatt CDs for less than a fiver... best bounty I've had in quite some time.