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Thursday, 17 February 2022

Hogwash Farm


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #10  Dawn of the Replicants - Hogwash Farm (The Diesel Hands EP)

Dawn of the Replicants were an indie band from Galashiels in the Scottish Borders who were championed by John Peel and Mark Radcliffe. For some reason I have been under the erroneous impression that they were one of the many bands fronted by Davy Henderson whereas their members for the featutured record were actually Donald Kyle, Grant Pringle, Mike Small and Paul Vickers.

This EP is the follow up to their 1998 debut album One Head, Two Arms , Two Legs.
This EP also marks their debut on these pages despite me having owned their second album from 1999 Wrong Town, Wrong Planet, Three Hours Late for many years. All three records were released by East West Records a subsidiary of  Warner Brothers 

Hogwash Farm reached number 65 in the UK singles charts in 1998 with the band playing both Glastonbury and Reading.
All four songs are excellent with my current favourite being Night Train to  Lichtenstein.

I think that the album  requires a long overdue listen.


  1. Good band. Really liked that first album and this EP.

  2. Thanks, Stevie, this has now doubled the number of Dawn Of The Replicants songs I have, the other being the Candlefire EP, which I think is from the same period.

    Another example of a single/EP by a band that I really liked, but inexplicably didn't go on to buy any of their other records. I need to get that first album as a starter.

  3. A great lost band. Radars from that album should be in everyone's collection. In fact DotR will be featuring over at my place soon

  4. I've got the Hogwash Farm e.p as well as the album. Several times I've played both with a view to culling them and......each time I find enough about them to like so they're still on the shelves.

  5. Not many songs about Lichtenstein...