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Sunday 6 February 2022

No Depression #49 - T-Bone Burnett


No Depression - The Bi-monthly Journal of Alt- Country

#49 -   January-February 2004

The first edition of No Depression in 2004 went for something a bit different. Instead of featuring an artist on the cover and the main article this time round they have gone for a producer - namely the legendary T-Bone Burnett.

Continuing with their obsession with O' Brother Where Art Thou? the article focusses on his next soundtrack which was from the 2003 film Cold Mountain.
This was a film which completely passed me by and to save me wittering on about something of which I know nothing here is the Wiki link. I know, I can hear the cries of "that's never stopped you before"!

Similarly I am not familiar with the Soundtrack and here again is a link. The main protagonists seem to be Jack White and Alison Krauss and I have tracked down a track by each of them. I'm also throwing in a song by the man himself.

Although he has recorded a few albums T-Bone is much better known as one of the go to producers.Cue yet another link. If you bother to click onto this link I'm sure you will agree that this list is pretty impressive. This has also given me the idea for another series which I think would be far more interesting from what I am subjecting you to today.

For the One from the Top I have gone for Mark Erelli an artist who used to offer up a free monthly download. I've got pretty much all of them from April 2001 through to March 2006. I've gone for one from the period covered by this edition so from February 2004 here he is with a cover of Johnny Cash's Straight A's in Love


  1. "to save me wittering on about something of which I know nothing"
    Is it rude to say that this has never stopped you before?

  2. I've got half a dozen T-Bone albums in my collection, far and away the best of which, in my opinion, is his self-titled 1986 effort that contains River of Love. Highly recommended, grab it if you see it.