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Saturday, 26 February 2022

Seen at King Tuts - The Crockets


The Crocketts

Thursday 7th May 1998      £5.00               Ticket No  00014

I suspect that I went to see The Crocketts on the back of their single Flower Girl which I heard on the radio and subsequently bought. I can think of no other reason as up until now that's pretty much all I know about them.

T'internet tells me that they were a band from Aberystwyth who were active from 1996 -2002 during which time they released two albums both on  Blue Dog Records namely We May be Skinny & Wirey (1998) and The Great Brain Robbery (2000)

Although a Welsh band their lead singer Davey McManus was Irish with the guitarist Daniel Harris and bassist Richard Carter both English. Only drummer Owen Hopkin was actually Welsh. When they split in 2002 McManus and Hopkin went on to form the Crimea.

And I'm afraid that's it.

I've absolutely no recollection of the concert although I would imagine that my ears were ringing for a few days afterwards. Here are the four tracks from the CD single which in total last less than 10 minutes. They are pretty shouty in places something that when I was Skinny & Wirey I was not averse to but something that in general I try to avoid now.

The Crocketts - Flower Girl

The Crocketts -Mrs Donnelly

The Crocketts - Banana Breath Baby (Live)

The Crocketts - Three Lie (Instrumental)


  1. What, another gig with no recollection? - must've been a good night CC.
    I only knew one song by the Crocketts that I had on a comp, it was '1939 Returning' and I remember loving it but don't have it anywhere now. Must revisit, thanks for reminding me!

  2. Crazy how the Crimea comes up here on a day they feature on Saturday Snapshots.