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Friday 4 February 2022

The Sharon Shannon Quartet


My first gig of the year tonight as we are off to the New Auditorium at the Glasgow Concert Hall  to see Irish accordionist Sharon Shannon and to celebrate the birthday of another Irish lady namely Mrs CC's mum. It is part of Celtic Connections which was badly hit by the Omicron sub-variant of the virus leading to many shows being cancelled. Fortunately, this one  being one of the later shows is going ahead..

 I've seen her a couple of times before. The first time was at King Tuts in the early 90's. My pal Bill was so  impressed that he announced that he wanted her to play at his wedding. It didn't happen - her playing that is, not the wedding.
Mrs CC, her mum and I then saw her at the Mitchell Theatre in 2014 as part of that year's Celtic Connections.  So that will be three times in three different decades.

She has played solo, in bands and was a member of the Waterboys for about eighteen months, something I was unaware of. She has also recorded with the likes of Jackson Browne, Damian Dempsey, Steve Earle and the late great Kirsty MacColl.
When it comes to the Galway Girl forget that nonsense by Ed Sheeran. The song with the same title by Steve Earle, and the one which came first, beats it hands down. Absolute no contest.

Hopefully it should be a good one.


  1. Really liked the Steve Earle/Sharon Shannon track and.....cos I wanted to keep my Ed Sheeran sneerometer at 100% thought I'd check out 'that Galway Girl nonsense' so watched the official vid of GG starring Saoirse Ronan (clever move getting her) and well blow me down it's kind of OK in its naffness. That's not what I expected. Does this mean I need to reappraise the Ipswich phenomenon? I'm confident my first impressions will hold but you don't want this sort of uncertainty at my age!

  2. Sharon Shannon was very good.In a typical Irish way there were only three in the quartet!