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Wednesday 9 February 2022

The Coral


A few weeks ago Mrs CC came in with a bundle of CDs that she had picked up for a pound. Most of them were not up my street but the 2002  self-titled debut album by The Coral  on the Deltasonic label caught my eye.

It was one that I already had so back to charity it went. However, it was also one that I hadn't listened to for ages and one which it appears has never featured on these pages. Both of these embarrassing  situations have now been rectified.
I'm offering up the two singles from the album Goodbye and Dreaming of You today for your listening pleasure.
They are a band that I never really kept up with.I think I bought this one and I then picked up the 2003 follow up Magic and Medicine and the 2004 mini -album Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker from charity shops. Thereafter nothing.
I believe that last year's Coral Island was well received and listed by many as their best yet. I must get round to giving it a listen.


  1. By a huge coincidence I had this very album playing in the car just two days ago. And what an absolute corker it is.

  2. This is spooky. I also listened to this album two days ago. I’ll never get over how old these very very kids sounded when it came out 20 years ago.

  3. The only album of theirs I own I think. Bought it on the strength of Skeleton Key, still a mad track for a bunch of kids to have made. I keep meaning to check out lat year's but never get round to it.

  4. Just finished reading Pete Paphides' excellent Broken Greek memoir (absolutely recommended for CCM followers). He refers to one particular single he bought that he went straight to his room and played it twenty times back to back - a Dexy's song I think it was. Anyway, Thinking Of You is one of those same sort of songs I can play over and over again in a loop. Just wonderful.